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Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Cluster Button Earrings

Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Cluster Button Earrings

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One might seek a pair of exquisite diamond earrings to grace their presence at these grand events in preparation for the gala season spanning Fall through Spring in New York City. The Spectra Fine Jewelry Diamond Cluster Button Earrings, created in the 21st Century, is a stunning choice for such occasions.

Crafted in platinum, these mirror-image earrings feature 30 pear-shaped diamonds with an estimated total weight of around 29.25 carats. Notably, nine of these diamonds, each approximately one carat, have received certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), affirming their exceptional quality in terms of D-E-F color and G-H, with clarity ranging from VS2 to SI1-SI2. Interested buyers will receive individual reports.

The design of these three-dimensional earrings strategically positions pear-shaped diamonds on multiple planes, with their points extending outward. The platinum prongs (three per stone) almost disappear, allowing the pear-shaped gems to shine brilliantly. Minimal metal in the design puts the gemstones' radiance at the forefront, making this pair versatile for any occasion.

Pear-shaped diamonds are celebrated for their unique combination of voluptuous curves and sleek elegance. They offer a larger surface area, enhancing light refraction and a distinctive sparkle. Matching these pear-shaped stones in proportion, color, and sparkle is challenging, as each diamond is a unique beauty with no identical match. Crafting this symmetrical appearance requires expert curation and extensive experience.

Each earring measures approximately 1.2" x 1.5" and is designed for pierced ears. In summary, these earrings showcase thirty pear-shaped diamonds weighing 29.25 carats, including nine GIA-certified stones. With an approximate weight of 25.14 grams, this exquisite pair is a testament to 21st-century craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

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