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Spectra Fine Jewelry Colombian Emerald Convertible Cluster Ring Pendant

Spectra Fine Jewelry Colombian Emerald Convertible Cluster Ring Pendant

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Spectra Fine Jewelry presents the stunning Colombian Emerald Convertible Flower Ring and Pendant, a creation from the 2010s. This remarkable piece boasts nine Colombian emeralds, consisting of eight pear-shaped and one round emerald, with a collective weight of approximately 17.32 carats. Each emerald is securely set in platinum with four prongs, forming an array of eight petals in varying sizes that gracefully encircle a central round emerald. Whether worn as a bold cocktail ring or a charming pendant, this sculptural masterpiece showcases each emerald's individual richness, saturation, and subtlety.

Colombian emeralds are celebrated for their deep color and captivating luminosity, sourced predominantly from Colombia, a renowned hub for exceptional emeralds. These emeralds belong to the beryl family, exhibiting a distinct green to bluish-green hue, influenced by trace elements such as chromium, vanadium, and iron.

The evaluation of emerald quality, particularly clarity, is a nuanced process. Unlike many other gemstones, emeralds tolerate inclusions to a higher degree. A GRS certification confirms the Colombian origin of these emeralds, acknowledging minor to moderate clarity enhancement, a common practice in the trade.

The piece's reverse side showcases Spectra Fine Jewelry's masterful craftsmanship, reminiscent of renowned French Maisons. The pendant mount artfully allows light to pass through the emeralds, precisely outlining each in 18K white gold. The detachable ring band features an intricate openwork flower pattern, providing a custom fit that accentuates the nuances of each petal. This exquisite ring is US size 6.5 and employs an ingenious system of loops and balls in white gold for easy attachment and detachment. Please note that the chain is not included but is available for purchase.

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