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Spectra Fine Jewelry Certified 36.29 Carat Colombian Emerald Diamond Platinum 18K Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring

Spectra Fine Jewelry Certified 36.29 Carat Colombian Emerald Diamond Platinum 18K Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring

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The numerous ornate and curvilinear details may cause one to date this ring to the Art Nouveau period (1890–1914) when jewelry was influenced by the flowing lines of nature's organic motifs; however, the ring is made in the Contemporary era, circa 2010s by Spectra Fine Jewelry, an atelier with a keen eye for superb vintage jewelry details and an excellent facility to bring them forth.
From the top view, this elegant cocktail ring appears minimalist–almost stark and modern –featuring a sizeable green cushion-cut emerald weighing approximately 36.29 carats. The emerald is accompanied by report no. CDC 2112323, dated 14 December 2021, from C. Dunaigre, stating that it is a natural beryl-type emerald of Colombian origin with minor clarity enhancement. Emeralds are commonly clarity-enhanced as most emeralds contain surface-reaching features due to their natural growth conditions and recovery methods. The emerald is set with eight 18K yellow gold double talon prongs and surrounded by a razor-thin cushion-shaped pave diamond halo. The halo describes the edges of the emerald-like contour line drawing with strength, clarity, and simplicity.
Below the cushion-shaped halo, the setting tells a more ornate story. Decorating the ring mounting are various floral forms framed by lyrical curvilinear flourishes expressed with different custom-shaped and sized diamonds. Four pear-shaped diamonds weighing an estimated 2.04 carats adorn all four mounting sides. Four marquise-shaped diamonds weighing an estimated 1.31 carats on two sides further amplify the floral offerings. The delicate curvilinear flourishes, which include the split shank of the ring, cleverly rendered as curved vines, are embellished with delicate pavé diamonds, which give way to larger rounds that continue partway around the band. Simply stunning! Approximately 228 pavé diamonds weighing 1.21 carats decorate this ring in the halo above and all scrollwork below. The approximate total weight of the diamonds for the piece is 4.56 carats, which are D-E color and VVS clarity.
Emeralds were used extensively in Egyptian revival jewelry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Genuine emeralds were mined in ancient Egypt, and to the ancient Egyptians, green was a sacred color associated with the fertility of the land. These precious green gemstones were used to good effect in Art Nouveau jewelry, as the predominant color palette tended to be greens, browns, yellows, and blues to reference nature. Here, the jeweler has arguably selected the finest emeralds, the Colombian emerald, to be featured in this ring. He has considered every beautiful detail, gemstone, and material from every angle so that the wearer and their admirers can enjoy its beauty.

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