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Rare Brown-Pink Diamond Engagement Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry

Rare Brown-Pink Diamond Engagement Ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry

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Brown diamonds possess a distinct and captivating allure, found naturally in various enticing hues such as chocolate, champagne, clove, cognac, coffee, and caramel. Among these, the rarest and most valuable are the pink-tinted brown diamonds, and this exceptional ring by Spectra Fine Jewelry showcases their enchanting beauty. Crafted in the 21st century 2018, this ring predominantly features 18K rose gold. Still, the centerpiece, a fancy brown-pink diamond weighing approximately 3.02 carats, is elegantly held in 18K yellow gold prongs. The contrast of the yellow gold prongs against the diamond's hue creates a captivating visual dynamic, a bold design element that reveals itself to those who look closely.

The central cut-cornered rectangular radiant-cut diamond is gracefully encircled by a halo of rose gold in a matching shape, adorned with pink pavé diamonds that extend partially down the band. This elegant combination of the diamond's presentation and the rose gold's warmth offers a soft yet striking aesthetic. Beneath the octagonal halo lies a delightful secret – yellow pavé diamonds embellish the 18K yellow gold ring shank, a discreet detail reserved exclusively for the wearer. Accompanied by report number 2155400954, dated July 5, 2013, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this remarkable stone is certified as a natural diamond with a fancy brown-pink color, even distribution, and VVS1 clarity.

In contemporary times, brown diamonds in lighter champagne shades, like this one, have gained popularity as choices for engagement rings. The rarity and expense of pink diamonds make the pink tint in a brown diamond particularly valuable. In this GIA-classified brown-pink diamond, the pinkish quality delicately softens the brown hue with subtle notes of champagne and chocolate. The radiant cut enhances the diamond's intricate coloration, radiating a mesmerizing, captivating, and effervescent sparkle. This unique diamond perfectly balances the sweetness of pink with earthy brown undertones, creating a delicate and feminine color palette that captures romance and love in its purest form.

The captivating centerpiece is a fancy brown-pink natural diamond, weighing approximately 3.02 carats, surrounded by a halo of pink diamond pavé on the band. The ring's overall weight is about 4.45 grams, and it is meticulously crafted in 18K rose and yellow gold. This ring is a contemporary masterpiece that symbolizes love and romance, a whispered expression of affection and devotion.

Center fancy brown-pink natural diamond weight approx. 3.02 carats. Surrounded by pink diamond pavé around and on the ring shank. Overall weight approx. 4.45 grams; made in 18K rose and yellow gold. Circa 2018.

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