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Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Cluster Diamond Convertible Bracelet Collar Necklace

Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Cluster Diamond Convertible Bracelet Collar Necklace

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This eloquent Harry Winston Jacques Timey Vintage Diamond Cluster Collar Necklace, crafted circa 1950s, is comprised solely of pear shape diamonds of various spectacular sizes mounted in gleaming platinum. The necklace measures 16.34 inches in length and is comprised of approximately 152 diamonds which lead the design with their brilliance at the forefront. As evidenced by this exquisite and harmonious composition, master designers like Jacques Timey possessed not only a sound knowledge of the finest materials, but also a technical virtuosity to awaken “an unimagined brilliance” in each individual Harry Winston gem.

One of the diamonds, with an estimated weight of 3.60 carats, has been examined as an exemplary indication of the rest and is accompanied by a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating the pear brilliant diamond of D color and VS1 clarity. The significant necklace, with a provenance worth noting, is Signed by Harry Winston with the iconic maker’s mark for Jacques Timey. The piece is from an Important Private Collection and has a documented provenance that will be provided to interested buyers.

The collar necklace is minimalism at its most evocative and features the iconic Winston cluster motif which was launched in the 1940s and remains emblematic of the house to the present day. The magic of the cluster motif is derived from setting fancy-shaped diamonds at different angles and within different planes, thereby amplifying the brilliance, scintillation, and fire of the grouping in a dramatic and resplendent light show. Here the pear shapes, seemingly arranged at random, dance and sparkle brilliantly at various angles and orientations. It is only at the close examination that the pattern emerges. The 152 diamonds are arranged into two sets of 38 graduated pairs that flow around the entirety of the design, alternating, and in opposite directions, uninterrupted by the clasp which has been beautifully concealed. The larger pairs are arranged point sides nearly kissing in an ever so slightly staggered V shape and flow in a counterclockwise direction. At the same time, the 38 smaller graduated pairs follow all the formal rules that have been established, except in reverse: they are arranged with rounded shoulders nearly kissing and ever so slightly staggered in V shape, flowing opposite in a clockwise direction. Emblematic of Jacques Timey's compositions is that the diamonds appear like they are floating, untethered. Timey has a feather touch, masterfully orchestrating not only the forms, but also the space around the forms, and that makes all the difference. Another gorgeous feature of this necklace is that it can be converted into a pair of bracelets by simply unclasping the findings from the underside of the jewel.

Necklace measures approx. 16.34” in length (41.50cm). Includes GIA Certificate for the 3.60 carat diamond, D color, VS1 clarity. 152 diamonds. Overall weight approx. 100.00 grams, made in platinum. Signed Harry Winston Jacques Timey; circa 1950s.

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