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Graff Ruby Diamond Earrings in 18kt Gold

Graff Ruby Diamond Earrings in 18kt Gold

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Graff is a master of minimalistic designs that highlight their exquisite curation of gems. The starkness of their jewel-centric compositions is breathtaking, using a limited palette advantageously to make every element sing. These Graff Vintage Ruby Bombé Button Earrings made in the 21st century, circa 2000s, are crafted in 18K white gold, and feature a beehive-of-sorts of circular-cut rubies, with an estimated total weight of 21.39 carats. Each stone is framed with six shared prongs, regularly spaced and arranged in a hexagonal pattern, creating a honeycomb motif so subtle, it is only implied. Looking at the earrings from top view, it is tricky to identify the center stone which six other identically sized stones encircle. The focal point bounces from one stone to another like an optical illusion. From the side view, the earrings reveal unexpected and delightful details. A border of white diamonds sparkle with unrivaled beauty and pick up the white gold prongs that dot the composition. There seems to be an additional row of rubies, but actually it is a partial row of 5 stones per earring that blends in so flawlessly, it looks like a full row. The earrings, designed for pierced ears outfitted with posts and French clips are Signed Graff and stamped with a serial number and include a Graff pouch.

From side view, the beautiful deep red dome of rubies seems to float, or gently hover over the earlobe, owing to the band of circular-cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of 1.35 carats. Smaller size rubies alternate with larger creating a scalloped edge punctuated with prongs in the shared white gold border, reminiscent of a crown. Every design element seems to have a dual function. The domed earrings are made in the bombé style (French, meaning ‘bomb-shaped’ and named for the French dessert, bombe glacée or ice cream bomb) which offers a pleasingly rounded, attention-grabbing shape with more surface area for embellishment. The honeycomb pattern is repeated on the reverse side more overtly with a curved openwork lattice of hexagons. These cutouts, beautiful in and of themselves, also allow light in behind the gemstones to make them glow.

While diamonds are the main focus for Graff, their jewelry occasionally features other precious and semiprecious stones. For centuries, rubies have signified passion, protection, and wealth. Their enchanting, highly saturated color is even further enhanced by the halos of white diamonds. Each Graff jewelry piece feature gems of unparalleled rarity, perfection, and unrivalled beauty. Laurence Graff (1938- ) has probably handled more important diamonds than any other diamantaire of our time. He founded his London-based jewelry house in 1960.

Measures about 0.75” in length (2.0 cm). Total weight of rubies is 21.39 carats. Total weight of diamonds is 1.35 carats. Overall weight approx. 27 grams, made in 18k white gold. Accompanied with Graff pouch. Signed Graff and stamped with serial number; circa 2000. Retail price is approximately $200,000.

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