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E. Pearl Contemporary Diamond Pearl Convertible Brooch Pendant

E. Pearl Contemporary Diamond Pearl Convertible Brooch Pendant

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No beauty is more compelling than the beauty of the natural world. And the more fleeting the moment captured by a piece of jewelry or art, the more exquisite it is. This Erwin Pearl Diamond Pearl Platinum Convertible Brooch Pendant, created in the Contemporary Era, circa 2000s, captures a flower in full bloom and frozen in time, at the pinnacle of its fragile beauty before all of its delicate petals are scattered into the wind. The Japanese 11th century poetic concept of mono no aware is at work here—the awareness of the impermanence of things that intensifies such a transient yet heightened state of beauty. We are filled with a wistfulness at observing such a poignant moment in this flower’s life cycle. And ever connected to it as a result.

Crafted in platinum, the 3-inch single pinstem convertible brooch, which has a loop for a pendant option, features a single white oblong pearl pointed towards the heavens. It is embellished with approximately 42 pear-shape diamonds which cascade downward, and 3 marquise diamonds connoting three leaves, weighing an estimated 21.50 carats total. Baguette diamonds run the length of the curved stem, reminiscent of Art Deco calibré gemstones that have been custom cut to fit within the shape perfectly, tightly set against one another with little or no metal interrupting the flow of jewels. The stem is dotted with the 3 marquise diamond leaves.

Erwin Pearl is an American jewelry designer and diamond cutter, and past recipient of the Mikimoto Pearl Award. The early work of the house, established in 1952, exhibits a sensitive artistry and extraordinary technical skill in 18k gold, diamonds, and fine gemstones. It is only when we view this flower from the reverse that we realize the skillful articulation of volume does not flow around the pearl 360 degrees. The illusion of fullness reflects the fine artisanship. The exquisitely observed details about the passage of time and the fleeting beauty of life itself evoke an emotional response in us which connects us inextricably with this fine work.

Measures approx. 3 inches in length (7.6 cm). 1 white pearl with 42 pear-shaped diamonds and 3 marquise diamonds weighing approx. 21.50 carats total. Overall weight approx. 28.26 grams, made in platinum. Signed E.Pearl; circa 2000s.

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