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Drayson London Contemporary Art Deco Revival Diamond Floral Drop Earrings

Drayson London Contemporary Art Deco Revival Diamond Floral Drop Earrings

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This charming pair of Contemporary Art Deco Revival Diamond Drop Earrings bears the signature of Drayson London. Meticulously crafted in England during the 21st century, these earrings showcase elegance and artistry. They adorn the wearer with a mesmerizing array of diamonds, boasting a combined estimated weight of 10.80 carats, all gracefully set in platinum.

These delightful earrings, reminiscent of ribbon-like spring blossoms, exude an air of renewal and vitality. Measuring 1.63 inches long (4.14 cm), they are designed for pierced ears and equipped with posts and French clips. Each earring mirrors the other, presenting sweetly drooping flower blossoms with four cone-shaped blooms, lavishly set with pavé diamonds, contributing to an estimated weight of approximately 4.50 carats. These charming blooms are further enhanced by larger round brilliant-cut diamonds, baguette-cut diamond stems, and elegantly suspending articulated baguette and circular-cut diamond pistils. Thirty baguette diamonds contribute to an approximate weight of 1.70 carats, while an additional 34 round brilliant-cut diamonds weigh in at an estimated total of 4.60 carats.

Drayson, originating in 1936 in London, has consistently evolved its designs, increasingly embracing abstract and bold elements as the influence of Art Deco aesthetics took root. Their creations often feature exquisite gemstones meticulously arranged in geometric and harmonious configurations. Notably, these earrings showcase the baguette-cut diamond, a hallmark of Art Deco design that gained peak popularity during the 1920s. The distinctive rectangular shape of this fancy-cut diamond played a pivotal role in shaping the symmetrical and geometric style synonymous with the Art Deco movement. The baguette cut, characterized by its complexity and the demand for exceptional craftsmanship, imparts a captivating hall-of-mirrors effect, with nested tapered rectangles resembling a step or emerald cut.

The use of baguette diamonds in creating the four gracefully curved floral stems bestows a continuous cascade of gemstones extending far beyond the earlobes. They are cradled within the curving channel settings, paying a splendid tribute to the shimmering luxury, clean lines, and perfect proportions emblematic of the Art Deco era. Another delightful facet of these earrings lies in the dual role of the baguette diamonds, as they also create movement and a dazzling play of light through the 10-round brilliant-cut diamonds suspended beneath. It is indeed a testament to the mastery of diamond craftsmanship.

Each earring measures approximately 1.625 inches in length. The ensemble includes 30 baguette diamonds, boasting an approximate total weight of 1.70 carats, 34 round brilliant cut diamonds, estimated to weigh approximately 4.60 carats, and pavé-set diamonds weighing 4.50 carats. The cumulative diamond weight is an estimated 10.80 carats. Crafted in platinum, the earrings have a combined weight of approximately 18.55 grams and are adorned with the distinctive signature of Drayson, London. A testament to artistry, these earrings epitomize the beauty of contemporary Art Deco revival, masterfully capturing the spirit of a bygone era while radiating timeless elegance.

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