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Dazzling Natural Pearl Brooch/Pin: Saltwater Pearl, 14ct Diamond, Platinum Craftsmanship

Dazzling Natural Pearl Brooch/Pin: Saltwater Pearl, 14ct Diamond, Platinum Craftsmanship

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This elegant brooch/pin showcases a stunning natural pearl at its center, measuring 9.94mm. With a mesmerizing iridescence and a diameter of approximately 1 3/8 inches, the pearl takes the spotlight, radiating its timeless beauty.

It is certified by the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA); the natural pearl is sourced from saltwater and displays no treatment indication, ensuring its authenticity and rarity. It's organic allure and flawless surface make it a captivating centerpiece for this exquisite brooch/pin.

Surrounding the natural pearl is a magnificent arrangement of approximately 14 carats of round diamonds. The diamonds, meticulously set in a captivating design, accentuate the pearl's elegance and add a touch of brilliance to the brooch/pin. The exceptional cut and clarity of the diamonds contribute to their scintillating sparkle, creating an enchanting ensemble.

Crafted with precision and luxury, the brooch/pin is made of platinum, weighing 17.95 grams. Platinum's prestigious reputation for durability and refinement makes it an ideal choice for this piece. In addition, it's smooth finish and sturdy construction ensure the longevity of the brooch/pin, allowing it to be cherished for generations.

With a diameter of about 1.5 inches, this brooch/pin is a remarkable statement of style and sophistication. Its exquisite combination of a natural pearl, dazzling diamonds, and platinum craftsmanship makes it a coveted accessory, perfect for adding an elegant touch to any ensemble or serving as a treasured heirloom for years to come.

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