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Coral Symphony: Angel Skin Graduating Coral Bead Necklace

Coral Symphony: Angel Skin Graduating Coral Bead Necklace

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Introducing the Angel Skin Coral Bead Necklace – an embodiment of sheer elegance and innate beauty. This necklace effortlessly merges the realms of sophistication and nature's allure, showcasing an ensemble of 57 coral beads that create an enchanting symphony of refinement.

Each coral bead, meticulously handpicked, boasts a harmonious gradient, gracefully transitioning from delicate pastel pinks to opulent, deep oranges. This captivating spectrum of colors forms a tapestry that radiates the artistry of the natural world, an ode to the exquisite coral variation known as Angel Skin. The moniker "pelle d'angelo" - a term of endearment in Italian - aptly describes the light pink coral that emerges from the waters encircling Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii. So rare is this remarkable Precious Coral, a strand of perfectly matched beads can sometimes take decades to gather.

Gracefully fastening this necklace is an 18-karat white gold clasp, a jewel in itself, adorned with a beguiling slice of coral measuring 10.02mm x 10.14mm. This coral fragment, meticulously sliced, unveils the coral's intricate tapestries and innate forms, an exquisite detail that amplifies the necklace's distinctive essence.

With a weight of 63.97 grams and 21" in length (53 cm), this Coral Bead Necklace commands attention while embracing comfort. Its length, a product of meticulous craftsmanship, artfully drapes around the neck, echoing the natural contours and lines of its wearer.

Be it a formal gala or a quest to elevate everyday elegance, the Coral Bead Necklace serves as the ultimate accessory to make an indelible impression.

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18K White Gold

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