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Contemporary Yellow Diamond Pave Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Contemporary Yellow Diamond Pave Cuff Bangle Bracelet

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The artistry of this beautiful cuff dazzles as much as the splendid diamonds, both yellow and white, of varied cuts and sizes. The Contemporary Yellow Diamond Pavé Cuff Bracelet, made in the 21st century, is crafted in two metals, both 18K yellow and white gold, set with yellow and white diamonds. The mixed fancy shape yellow diamonds with an estimated weight of 44.79 carats total are accompanied by a report from the Gemologic Laboratory stating that they are of fancy yellow color with VS clarity. These beautiful stones are each held with 2, 3, or 4 yellow gold talon prongs which accent their sunny color, individually suspended in a geometric lattice of white round brilliant-cut diamonds pavé-set in white gold.

The beauty of the openwork lattice design is that it gives a feeling of open airiness, letting in light around each gemstone to amplify the sparkle, while providing aesthetic appeal and structural support. The statement-making cuff is pleasingly wide on the wrist, open at the back for easy on and off. White pavé diamonds of uniform size create a sparkling outline around the entire piece and enliven each internal meandering line, framing each yellow diamond in so many varied triangle-, rhombus-, and diamond-shapes. The overall pattern is seemingly without repetition, distinctive and unique, stylized and angular. Each yellow diamond occupies its frame in a most individual manner. There are pear shapes, marquise, oval, rectangular radiants, and square cushions, all of which have been custom placed within each shape, sometimes connected to two sides, sometimes three or four. The planning involved in setting these stones is no small task, but the results are resplendent.

Yellow diamonds themselves are each unique, displaying beautiful colors and vibrancy with that stunning diamond sparkle. The colorless diamond grading scale goes from D-Z, and the yellow diamond color grading scale begins with the Y-Z range. Those categorized as “fancy yellow” like the stones in this bracelet are graded according to a separate scale in order of increasing color strength, from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, up to Fancy Deep. These fancy yellow stones possess a beautiful, nuanced coloration as energizing and life-affirming as the color of the sun, and the various brilliant cuts bring out tonal nuances in different ways. As with any other natural diamond, these stones are formed over millions and millions of years in extremely high temperatures and immense pressure far below the surface of the earth. Yellow diamonds have traces of nitrogen in their crystal structure which cause the yellow color. Once extracted, a diamond polisher who fully understand how to assess, cut, and polish the stone, will transform it from the rough it was into the unbelievable variety we see in this bracelet.

Diamond weight approx. 41.79 carats total. Crafted in 18k yellow & white golds; circa 21st Century.

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