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Siberian Amethyst & Pearl Victorian Revival Lavalier Necklace

Siberian Amethyst & Pearl Victorian Revival Lavalier Necklace

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The Victorian Era, emerging during the Romantic period (1837-1860), was marked by the passionate devotion of a nation to its young queen, Queen Victoria, and her deep affection for her beloved husband, Prince Albert. The jewelry of this era often conveyed sentiments of love, friendship, and affection, reflecting the happiness of their royal union. Victorians possessed a remarkable ability to infuse romance into their jewelry, cherishing symbolic pieces like lockets, hair jewels made from locks of hair, cameos, acrostic jewels spelling out secret love messages, and mourning jewels, particularly when Queen Victoria entered a prolonged period of mourning following Prince Albert's passing.

This Victorian-inspired necklace showcases a striking amethyst with a vivid, Siberian-origin purple hue, framed by two enchanting halos of pearls, all set in 14k yellow gold. The focal point, an exquisite faceted oval amethyst weighing approximately 26 carats, is meticulously secured by 16 prongs. It is encircled by 27 pearls, gracefully enhanced by a scalloped border with delicate milgrain detailing. Additionally, there are 12 oval-shaped amethysts with a combined approximate weight of 16.2 carats, thoughtfully positioned lengthwise. The outer halo of smaller amethysts mirrors the center stone in cut and proportion, arranged in a manner that resembles an array of sunrays, each amethyst held in place by 8 prongs.

Amethyst and seed pearls were amongst the most favored gemstones in the 19th century, commonly cut into rose-cut or cabochon styles. The necklace pays homage to these cuts with gemstones that capture the essence of these classic shapes. During the Victorian period, amethyst, a purple variety of crystalline quartz, was cherished for its lush, deep color and was a beloved symbol of romance and sentimentality. The popularity of heart-shaped amethyst jewelry notably surged after Queen Victoria wore a mauve silk gown to the Royal Exhibition in 1862.

The pendant elegantly dangles from a meticulously crafted 22-inch (55.88 cm) chain comprised of textured comprehensive links. The chain is graced with a giant oval amethyst, weighing around 3.3 carats and set lengthwise, serving as a delightful accent. This exquisite necklace is adorned with ten single amethyst beads, each flanked by two pearls, creating a harmonious design. The pendant itself measures 1.75 inches in length (4.45 cm).

This charming necklace symbolizes timeless love and sentimentality, approximately 22 inches long. The pendant is about 1.75 inches long, featuring a central oval amethyst of around 26 carats, encircled by 27 pearls, and 12 smaller oval amethysts totaling approximately 16.2 carats. The pendant is suspended from a meticulously crafted chain embellished with a giant 3.3-carat oval amethyst, 20 pearls, and 10 amethyst beads, lending a captivating charm to this elegant piece. The pearls are approximately 2-3 mm in size, while the amethyst beads measure about 5 x 5 mm. The necklace has an overall weight of about 32.98 grams and is skillfully crafted in 14k yellow gold. A testament to the timeless romance of the Victorian era, this necklace was created in the 2010s with an appreciation for the past's sentimental beauty.

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