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Contemporary Step-Cut Diamond Tapered Riviere Bracelet

Contemporary Step-Cut Diamond Tapered Riviere Bracelet

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If you know Daniel K Jewelry, you know that every stone is personally selected by Daniel Koren and every piece is handcrafted by master jewelers. Each piece is unique. Each piece is incredibly special. This Daniel K Diamond Bracelet made in the Contemporary era, circa 2003-2004, is crafted in platinum and features 28 square emerald-cut graduated diamonds with an estimated weight of 35.83 carats total. The diamonds are accompanied by a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that they are natural diamonds of I color and IF-VS2 clarity. One diamond is SI1 clarity.

Daniel Koren, a third-generation jeweler of Persian and Italian descent, founded Daniel K in 1999 after recognizing a need for high quality women's jewelry that would be suitable for everyday wear. The brand was initially created consisting of various bridal and classic rings, as well as necklaces and bracelets, all featuring emerald cuts, both square and rectangular. This bracelet, with its handmade links, is designed to be flexible so you can wear it every day.

The design of this geometric and sleek 6.6-inch (16.76 cm) bracelet is both contemporary and retro, signaling the opulence and glamour of the Jazz Age one hundred years ago. Using a limited palette of just two materials—diamonds and platinum—the nuances of this minimal bracelet become the standouts. Nuances like the articulation in the metal, the graduated size of the diamonds, and the mesmerizing patterns created by the cut are all exquisite.

This particular emerald cut has a square shape with deep-truncated corners, so when viewed from top, resembles a regular octagon. With a smaller table and larger facets as compared to the rectangular emerald-cut, both refraction and reflection of light is enhanced. As a result, these diamonds have more brilliance and fire as compared to other step cut diamonds. In step cut diamonds, refraction of light is comparatively less as compared to rounds. A bezel or channel setting, as is common in similar eternity and tennis bracelets, would further diminish light refraction. The 4-prong setting featured here is most advantageous as it elevates the diamonds, allowing more light to pass through. The sparkling effect is dazzling like fireworks.

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