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Contemporary Round Brilliant Yellow Diamond Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring 3.01ct

Contemporary Round Brilliant Yellow Diamond Halo Cocktail Engagement Ring 3.01ct

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From snowflakes to sunflowers, mathematical symmetry and patterning in nature is sublime. This jeweled representation captures the precision in this delightful flower’s shape and form, seemingly right down to the microscopic cellular structure. In other words, the sparkle inspires poetic musings. The Contemporary Round Brilliant Yellow Diamond Halo Ring, made in the 21st century, would make a wonderful engagement ring with its harmonious arrangement of compositional elements. It also strikes all the right notes as a celebration or cocktail ring. Crafted in platinum, the ring features a round brilliant-cut yellow diamond with an estimated weight of 3.01 carats. The diamond is held with 14 platinum prongs, surrounded with a double halo of white diamonds. The inner halo is comprised of 14 round brilliant-cut diamonds set just below the center stone on a lower plane. The outer halo is set on a third level with 20 marquise diamonds held with protective corner prongs, all pointed at a 45-degree angle facing outwards.

The flower is comprised solely of diamonds set with minimal metal to allow the dazzling effects of the gemstones to take center stage. The distinctive three tier-design ensures sparkle at every level, all arranged in a 360-degree surround, creating a light show that is rather spectacular. The mesmerizing brilliance, scintillation, and fire of the marquise diamonds are amplified in this angled arrangement. The marquise cut with its long almond shape, plump center, and pointed ends has 58 facets, can create the illusion of greater size, and maximizes light performance beautifully. It is often called the "romantic" diamond shape because of its unique curves, originally conceived as a coded love letter to kissable lips. The meaning behind a diamond marquise shape is love, joy, and celebration.

This jewel further brings the sparkle with 12 round brilliant-cut diamonds tapered in a V shape and pavé-set on the ring shoulders. The featured yellow diamond and immediate halo are likewise round brilliant cuts, the most optimized cut on the market with 58 facets, intended to enhance the gem's sparkle with the least possible sacrifice in carat weight. This shape is renowned for its unrivalled fire and brilliance. Fire describes the colors of the spectrum in a diamond. Light passing through a diamond bends and splits into different colors, like light passing through a prism. Brilliance is the light the diamond reflects internally, and well-proportioned stones such as these will reflect the light intensely. While colorless diamonds tend to radiate brilliance as round cuts, a round cut might have the opposite effect on yellow diamonds. A round cut can soften the color of yellow diamonds, and depending on the various hues in the stone like this one, can be just the thing to make the stone sing.

Size US 6.25, can be resized. Center yellow diamond approx. 3.01 carats. Circa 2010s.

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18K White Gold

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