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Contemporary Retro-Revival Diamond Scroll Bombé Bracelet

Contemporary Retro-Revival Diamond Scroll Bombé Bracelet

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Like beautiful swells in the ocean, there is nothing quite so lovely as waves of diamonds, especially when they are encircling your wrist. This sparkling Contemporary Diamond Scroll Bombé Bracelet is crafted in platinum and features wide diagonal striped bands of round brilliant-cut diamonds alternating with narrow bands of baguette diamonds with an estimated weight of 34 carats total. The piece is comprised of one repeated sculptural motif in two variations which flow around the wrist like an elaborate orbit of flowing diamonds. The look conjures so many styles – rooted French Baroque, modernized by Art Deco, as we saw of Retro styles of the 1940s that gave homage to both Eras. This bracelet is clearly a revival as it was crafted in the Contemporary Era, circa 2000s.

The scroll motif—curved and pointed like a tilde in a Spanish eñe—is crisply accented by the clean lines and modern, geometric look of the baguette diamond. The interplay of the two variations, one edged in platinum with borders clearly defined, and the other free with the overall shape loosely imitating the former, are radiant each in their own way, creating a spectacular lightshow of varied sparkle. The luxuriousness of the grand design with its volumetric flourishes is as fanciful and embellished as if from the French court of Marie Antoinette. The bombé style (French, meaning ‘bomb-shaped’ and named for the French dessert, bombe glacée or ice cream bomb) offers a pleasingly rounded, attention-grabbing shape with more surface area for embellishment. The look also echoes Retro styles of the 1940’s which hinted at both French decorative opulence and Art Deco geometry.

Because the bands of diamonds are oriented diagonally rather than perpendicularly, there can be a richer expanse of gems, particularly evident in the sparkling double rows of round brilliant-cut diamonds set with prongs to maximize the sparkle. In contrast, the baguette diamonds, arranged in Art Deco-style ribbons, custom cut to fit very closely together within the platinum borders, create a streamlined look. They recall the sleek and uninterrupted flow of calibré gemstones popularly used in geometric jewelry designs during the Roaring 20s. These narrow accents bring a boldness and frankness to the overall design, as they drive the dynamic movement around the 7.5-inch-long (19.05 cm) bracelet like flowing water. A matching necklace is available and sold separately at the time of this writing.

Measures approx. 7.5” in length. Diamond weight approx. 34 carats total. Overall weight approx. 77.76 grams, made in platinum. Matching necklace is available. Circa 2000s.

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