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Contemporary Hammered Gold Pearl Button Earrings

Contemporary Hammered Gold Pearl Button Earrings

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The strong look of these hammered gold and cultivated pearl button clip-back earrings stylistically proclaims 1940s glamour; however, they were made in the Contemporary era, circa 2018. Although composed of just two elements, the earrings are far from simple. They present an exquisite study in contrasts: smooth vs. textured, rounded vs. angular, and naturally occurring vs. fabricated. One truly appreciates the volume and lustrous surface of the cultivated pearl when displayed in this setting.
Pearls are unique among gemstones in that they are natural organic products of living creatures. Interestingly, both cultured and natural pearls are grown from pearl-bearing oysters in either freshwater or saltwater in a nearly identical process. Both are considered real pearls and have value as such. As pearls are natural organic gemstones, they can occur in a wide variety of shapes. Perfectly round pearls are actually quite rare. Button pearls, such as the pair featured here, are flattened to some degree, making them resemble a button or a disk rather than a perfect sphere. These pearls are often used in earrings where the flattened side can be attached to the setting. Buttons, like perfectly round pearls, also happen to be symmetrical.
The hammered gold settings are reminiscent of carved sculptural details on an Art Deco skyscraper. They are architectonic, constructed, and hand-wrought—all that the pearls are not. This push and pull between opposing compositional elements allow us to fully experience the beauty of both.

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