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Contemporary Diamond Pave Sculptural Wide Cuff Bracelet

Contemporary Diamond Pave Sculptural Wide Cuff Bracelet

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The wide cuff is an iconic bracelet style that feels powerful when worn, whether you are an observer or adorner. This piece of daring design takes the classic form and amplifies it exponentially, with so much unusual sculptural detail that is dripping with diamonds at every inch. The Contemporary Diamond Pavé Cuff Bracelet, made in the 21st century, is crafted in 18K white gold set with 4,207 round brilliant-cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of 85.00 carats, all of uniform size and pavé set by hand. The weight of gold is an estimated 100.11 grams.

The bracelet features 12 graduated curved scallop shapes on top and bottom edges, which blend to zero at the back of the bracelet. Each progression of scallops are oriented perpendicularly and alternate with 11 pointed-oval-shaped flanges which contour and emphasize the concavity of the form flawlessly. A most elegant line in white gold delicately traces the outlines of each flange and meets with two arcs on top and bottom denoting the base of the scallops.

The overall silhouette is tapered from front to back ending in two curves overlayed with white gold for comfortable easy on and off. Pavé, from the French word for paved, is a setting method in which the surface of a jewelry item is covered with tiny sparkling stones. The way the diamonds collectively appear to blanket every curve adds a beguiling softness of the forms that is simply entrancing. Every millimeter of this piece is realized with the finest engineering and craftsmanship. The pavé is meticulously hand-plotted so the diamonds beautifully fit together and barely any metal is visible, and each incredible curve is illuminated by flashes of brilliance.
The inner edge is outlined in a narrow border of polished white gold, etched with a hash mark between each scallop. A glimpse of the reverse side of the bracelet reveals a sculptural reverse of the front, meticulously constructed and concave and convex in all the opposite places. What is more astounding is the level of stone setting savoir faire, where each of the 4,207 round diamonds has a corresponding round cutout in the white gold on the back. These cutouts are specifically designed to allow light to pass through the setting and into the gems, especially important for transparent or translucent gems like diamonds that can refract light and sparkle brighter. Under the spell of the beautiful diamond sparkle of this bracelet, it is not hard to understand why this this alluring gemstone has been coveted for centuries.

4207 diamonds weighing approx. 85.00 carats total. Overall weight approx. 100.11 grams, made in 18k white gold; circa 21st Century.

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Metal :18KWG
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