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Contemporary Diamond Croisillon Cuff Bracelet

Contemporary Diamond Croisillon Cuff Bracelet

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Gold, a cherished element in jewelry dating back to 4000 BCE in Eastern Europe and 3000 BCE in Ancient Persia, has maintained its allure throughout history. Carat weights for gold have ranged from 8K to 24K, with higher values indicating superior quality. For example, 18K gold, composed of 8 parts pure gold and 16 parts alloys, is renowned for its excellence.

This contemporary extra-wide bangle, crafted in 18K yellow gold in the 2010s, epitomizes timeless luxury. Weighing 68.45 grams, it features two gracefully curved 18K white gold sections adorned with approximately 4 carats of diamonds. The hinged cuff bracelet securely fastens with a push clasp.

Gold jewelry offers remarkable versatility, and cuff bracelets combine classic and modern elements, effortlessly elevating any outfit. The design masterfully portrays gold as a malleable fabric, with fluted volumes seemingly poised to burst at the edges of the crossed white gold and diamond focal point. The crossed X-shaped tendrils, a recurring motif in contemporary jewelry, unite disparate elements with artistry and craftsmanship.

Known as a "croisillon" in French, the crosspiece or crossbar forming a lattice is a popular design element in various fields. This bracelet activates the fluted metal pattern, evoking the elegance of silk turbans in Ancient Mesopotamian and Byzantine cultures. The bracelet's capacity to transport us through time and space is remarkable.

With an inner circumference of approximately 6.38" and a width of 1.125", this bracelet exudes an air of sophistication and grace. The total diamond weight reaches about 4.00 carats. Expertly crafted in 18K yellow gold, this piece is a testament to modern luxury, created in the 2010s.

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Metal :18KYG
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