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Cartier Yellow Diamond Riviere Bracelet 33.80cts

Cartier Yellow Diamond Riviere Bracelet 33.80cts

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Where platinum and diamonds went hand-in-hand in the Roaring 20s, which was an evolution from the opulent, shimmering “white jewelry” of the Edwardian period and La Belle Époque, things start to warm up in the 1950s with yellow gold and diamonds trending. World-renowned Cartier has been at the forefront, creating some of the most iconic pieces in jewelry history. A name synonymous with elegance and high quality in all aspects, Cartier’s jewelry pieces became notable for their exquisite execution. Cartier designs present the perfection of clean lines and precise proportions. The Maison’s work is exhibited in this important bracelet, with its use of warm yet streamlined 18K yellow gold paired with diamonds. This superb Cartier Vintage Yellow Diamond Riviere Bracelet, made in France in the 21st century, circa 2000s, is a treasured find and a celebration of warm sparkling diamonds within a streamlined design, capturing the essence of Cartier.

Crafted in 18K yellow gold, this significant Signed Cartier and numbered bracelet features 21 graduated fancy light yellow diamonds, weighing a total of approximately 33.8 carats. Three of the diamonds are accompanied by reports dated August 13, 2018, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating they are natural radiant-cut diamonds of varying carat weights, more specifically: 1) 2.84 carats, radiant, Fancy Light Yellow, natural color, SI2 clarity; 2) 0.90 carat, radiant, Fancy Light Yellow, natural color, SI1 clarity; 3) 2.04 carats, radiant, Y to Z range, natural color, VS1 clarity.

A riviere bracelet is a dazzling river of jewels. The form was first introduced in the 1700s as a necklace and features all the same size or progressively larger jewels, set in separate collets or bezels, and later in prong or claw mountings. Typical of the timeless form, this bracelet presents a single type of gemstone of the same cut and shape with no other ornamentation, so the focus is on the beauty of the gemstones and the skillful graduation in size. Each rectangular jewel is this magnificent Cartier example is set in the most beautifully wrought 18K yellow gold rectangular mounting held with 4 talon prongs at each corner. The reverse of the bracelet further reveals the exquisite goldwork and stone-setting savoir faire of a world-renowned Maison. Each rectangular setting presents a beautifully crafted metal openwork design of two stylized interlocking Cs for Cartier, to let light in behind the stones and make them sparkle with the warmth of the gold underlying them.

As we can learn from the gem reports, the diamonds include fancy light yellow colored diamonds and diamonds of Y to Z color. When a diamond falls outside of GIA's D-to-Z color scale, it is considered a colored diamond, sometimes called a fancy color diamond. Fancy color diamonds are yellow and brown diamonds that exhibit color beyond the Z range, or diamonds that exhibit any other color face-up. According to the GIA, cutters discovered that certain styles—typically mixed cuts like the radiant—can intensify yellow color in diamonds that are toward the lower end of the D-to-Z color-grading scale. When carefully fashioned as radiant cuts, the yellow-tinted stones in this concise grouping can become fancy yellows when viewed face up. The intangible magic of a Cartier piece happens when every detail is so thoughtfully considered.

Measures approx. 16.5 cm (6.5”) in length. 21 graduated fancy light yellow diamonds, weighing a total of approx. 33.80 carats. Overall weight approx. 40.21 grams, made in 18k yellow gold. Signed Cartier and numbered; circa 2000s.

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