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Cartier 'Mexico' Ruby Diamond Bracelet: Timeless Elegance in 18k Gold – Vintage Luxury 1982

Cartier 'Mexico' Ruby Diamond Bracelet: Timeless Elegance in 18k Gold – Vintage Luxury 1982

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Indulge in the opulence of the Cartier Ruby Diamond 'Mexico' Bracelet, a spellbinding masterpiece that weaves together heritage and allure in a symphony of gemstones. The bracelet is showcasing 12 oval rubies, meticulously certified by SSEF, stating that 11 rubies are of Burmese origin with no indication of heating, and one heated ruby from Thailand.

The bracelet is a harmonious blend of extravagance and artistry, with oval rubies weighing approximately 20 carats and round rubies boasting a combined weight of approximately 42 carats. The allure of the rubies is heightened by a celestial dance of diamonds, totaling 29.50 carats, exhibiting a spectrum of brilliance in the H-I color range and VVS-VS clarity.

A manifestation of Cartier's unparalleled craftsmanship, this piece is sculpted from 18k yellow gold, weighing a sumptuous 100.50 grams, casting a warm and enchanting radiance. This bracelet, a relic of refinement, harks back to the glamour of 1982, encapsulating a moment in time within its lustrous design.

Measuring 8 inches (20.80 cm), this bracelet is not merely an accessory; it is a testament to individuality and a celebration of the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the distinctive allure of the Cartier Ruby Diamond 'Mexico' Bracelet — an emblem of timeless elegance that transcends conventions and beckons to those who seek the extraordinary in every facet of life.

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