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Bulgari Multi-Colored Gemstone Chain Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold

Bulgari Multi-Colored Gemstone Chain Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold

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The Bulgari Gemstone 18k Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet is a true embodiment of artistry and luxury. Crafted in the 1990s, this timeless masterpiece showcases the enduring elegance of its design. It is made from 18k yellow gold, weighing approximately 44.84 grams, and exudes a lavish charm.

The bracelet boasts a series of meticulously crafted link chains that seamlessly interlock to form a fluid and comfortable structure around the wrist. The design ensures a secure fit and epitomizes style and sophistication.

Enhancing its allure are six exquisite cabochon gemstones carefully chosen for their quality and beauty. Cabochon gemstones, with their smooth, polished surfaces, highlight each stone's natural colors and textures, allowing their unique characteristics to shine. The cabochon cut further accentuates the inherent beauty of these gems, showcasing their captivating features.

The combination of lustrous 18k yellow gold and these enchanting cabochon gemstones creates a harmonious fusion of warm tones and captivating textures. Whether it's the velvety blues of sapphires, the fiery reds of rubies, or the lush greens of emeralds, each gemstone radiates its charm.

The Bulgari Gemstone 18k Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its versatile design ensures it can grace any occasion, effortlessly elevating any ensemble with its timeless beauty. This bracelet is not just a stunning piece of jewelry; it's a valuable investment in style and luxury, destined to be cherished for generations. Signed Bulgari

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Metal :18KYG




18K Yellow Gold

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