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Bulgari Vintage Multicolor Sapphire Diamond Festoon Bib Necklace

Bulgari Vintage Multicolor Sapphire Diamond Festoon Bib Necklace

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Bulgari, the Italian luxury jewelry house founded in Rome in 1884, is known for its strong and vibrant color palette, a penchant for colored stones, and an unmistakable daring style. This Bulgari Three Tier Multicolor Sapphire Diamond Bib Necklace dazzles with a symphonic array of colored gemstones, using the classic form of a festoon necklace to great advantage, which increases the magnificent gem offering.

The festoon necklace became popular during the Georgian period (1714–1830s), carrying over into the Victorian era (1837–1901), and contains several drapes or swags of beads, chains, metal extensions, or other parts as the core elements of the design - here accented in the Bulgari inimitable style with some unusual cuts. Crafted in platinum and 18K yellow gold, the three cascading and graduated rows of oval faceted sapphires with an estimated weight of 170 carats are accented with bezel-set hexagonal diamonds and spaced occasionally with baguette diamonds set vertically. The total weight of diamonds is an estimated 5.00 carats. Bulgari signs the necklace with Italian marks.

In Bulgari, juicy colors are arranged artfully and often free from a pattern to convey abundance. It is difficult for the eye to take everything in all at once, and that is precisely the point. The bright and sparkling sapphires in this necklace range in color from blue as the heavens to green as the earth, and every atmospheric hue in between, including various shades of purple, gray, near colorless, pink, yellow, light peach, and more. Each stone is set in 18K yellow gold, not typically seen in Bulgari work, with minimal metal. Each sapphire is held simply with just 4 prongs, allowing each gem to sparkle in its own wondrous way.

Sapphire is one of only four precious gemstones in the world, including ruby, emerald, and diamond, prized since 800 BC. Rulers of ancient Persia believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphire stones. Sapphire is generally known for being primarily in indigo hues but is also found naturally in the earth with a wide range of color variations. In general, the more intense and uniform the color is, the more valuable the stone. Sapphires that are not blue are known as “fancy” sapphires and may be any color—except red. All sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Small amounts of trace elements are present during the corundum's formation, which takes thousands of years to form and is responsible for giving a sapphire its specific color. In the case of pinks and purples, one of the primary elements is chromium, the same which colors a ruby. In the case of green, iron is present in its chemical composition, which results in this lovely hue. The necklace brings together all these elements in one design, which may have been crafted in the 21st Century, but whose stones have been formed for generations. The jewel is a lovely link to past and present and a collector’s dream for the future.

Oval sapphire weight approx. 170.00 carats total. Diamond weight approx. 5.00 carats total. Overall weight approx. 109.00 grams, made in platinum and 18k white gold. Circa 1990s.

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