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Art Deco Gray Blue Diamond Articulated Bracelet

Art Deco Gray Blue Diamond Articulated Bracelet

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This dazzling Art Deco Gray Blue Diamond Articulated Bracelet, made in the early 20th century, circa 1925, employs a subtle palette of soft tones and a minimalist formal language of repeating circles and squares. The bracelet is 7.25 inches long (18.5 cm) crafted in platinum and composed of articulated open work links set with white circular-cut diamonds all over. Articulated bracelets such as this one reflects the opulence of Art Deco design engineered for the time and were immensely popular in the 1920s. Across the lengthwise middle three rows, round diamonds are bezel set and directly connected widthwise to look like geometric lace. At the borders, the same size round diamonds are set with four prongs in squares dotted with milgrain, effectively giving the appearance of much larger square-cut gemstones.
Such a pleasingly repetitive structure sets the stage for the beautiful focal point: a fancy gray-blue diamond with an approximate weight of 0.84 carat, centered within six widthwise columns of square-set round diamonds. The marquise brilliant-cut diamond is accompanied by report no. 6204856914 dated January 28, 2020, from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stating that it is a natural diamond of fancy gray-blue color and even distribution. The featured diamond is flanked by calibré -cut green emeralds, which accent the pointed ends of the stone as if to enclose it in sparkling parentheses. For jewelry in the Art Deco style, custom geometric cuts were paramount, like calibré-cut emeralds—typically small rectangles, squares, oblongs, or other specialty shapes cut to specifically to fit very closely together in a jewelry design.
The central motif is echoed twice in the bracelet—effectively creating three fluidly articulated sections or plaques. Both times the marquise shape of the fancy diamond is imitated with colorless diamond baguettes flanked by triangle cuts. These echoed centerpieces are geometrically framed in the same manner with calibré emeralds. In keeping with the subtle palette of soft tones, the repetition is literally a pale imitation of the principal fancy gray-blue diamond. A pale and lovely imitation, that is, and a clever sparkling recapitulation of the theme.

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