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Antique Diamond Bow Pin Brooch

Antique Diamond Bow Pin Brooch

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This charming Antique Diamond Bow Pin Brooch has all the styling and details of a piece from the Victorian era (1837-1901) in England, perhaps circa the late 19th century. During the Aesthetic Period (1885-1901) of the Victorian Era, it transitioned from the weighty opulence of the previous Grand Period (1861-1885) following Prince Albert’s death to more delicate jewelry designs like this one. The single-pin stems brooch, or pin, is crafted in platinum, which only started to be used widely in jewelry in the late 19th century. Not only did platinum hold the diamonds securely in very delicate settings, but its pure and neutral gleaming surface also complemented the unique character of the stones. The linear openwork design is adorned with 71 round diamonds set in pavé and bezel settings. We know this pin is antique but are unsure of the exact decade of fabrication.

The center of the bow, described simply as an outline, is adorned with a rosette of bezel-set diamonds, composed of 1 center stone with eight surrounding. A rosette or group of closely set-shaped diamonds arranged in circular forms could be considered a stylistic emblem of Victorian jewelry. Here, the inner circle and the outer scalloped edge are embellished with mil-graining, a technique popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where typically small grains of metal were used to complement the gemstones and extend the sparkle. Milgrain dots every edge in this pin where gems are set. The center row comprising round diamonds is bezel-set, continuing the convention of the center rosette. In contrast, the two outer rows are pavé-set and graduated, held with prongs within a tapering channel.

If the piece does, in fact, date to the Victorian era, the diamonds would most likely be old mine cuts. Antique diamonds like these have a romantic feel with larger faceting and greater scintillation or flashes of light appearing when the stone moves. This gives the stones a fiery sparkle, especially in dim lighting, as they were cut with candlelight in mind.

71 round diamonds. Overall weight approx. 7.49 grams, made in platinum; circa over 100 years in age.

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