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De Ambrosi Emerald and Diamond Bib Necklace - A Stunning Floral Masterpiece

De Ambrosi Emerald and Diamond Bib Necklace - A Stunning Floral Masterpiece

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A bib necklace, a design with a history stretching back to the days of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, has cycled in and out of fashion through various epochs. Notably, it resurged during the Egyptian Revival period (1880-1930), which was a prominent theme in both the Art Nouveau (1890–1914) and Art Deco (1920s and 1930s) jewelry movements. In the 21st century, Italy's De Ambrosi crafted this resplendent Emerald Diamond Bib Necklace, skillfully marrying lush floral motifs with dynamic, glistening halos.

This magnificent piece showcases approximately 15.94 carats of vibrant green emeralds set in 18K yellow gold, harmoniously intertwined with diamonds totaling about 10.13 carats set in 18K white gold. The gemstones exhibit exceptional quality, with the emeralds flaunting vivid green hues and excellent clarity. The diamonds, on the other hand, radiate in G-H color and boast VVS-VS clarity. The necklace bears the signature "Ambrosi 2355."

The necklace's styling exudes femininity and delicacy, paying homage to the Art Nouveau movement with forms inspired by the natural world. Green "flowers," composed of four pear-shaped emeralds, appear to unfurl like blossoms, encircled by diamond pavé in custom shapes that shift from flowers to bows and butterflies with each glance. The "petals" of the emeralds gently angle upward, evoking the sense of a flower mid-bloom. A profusion of warm gold prongs form the floral centers. Nine emerald blooms, graduating in size from back to front, lead to three more charming flowers, each unique in orientation and size, creating the quintessential bib of the necklace. The front of the bib widens, tapering towards the back that wraps elegantly around the neck. The necklace measures the inner circumference of 16 inches (40.64 cm), with an approximately 2-inch drop (5.08 cm) at the front.

The artistry and craftsmanship shine brilliantly in this masterpiece, with rounded and pointed forms enhanced by custom cutouts behind the stones, a technique known as azuring. Towards the rear, 14 diamond halos sans emeralds stand as exquisite elements on their own, with a 15th suspended from a substantial, brilliant-cut diamond adorning the concealed clasp.

De Ambrosi, established in 1949 by Remo Deambrosi in Valenza, Provincia di Alessandria, Piedmont, has left an indelible mark on Italian jewelry. Renowned for its superior craftsmanship and the ability to capture the play of light on gemstones, the house's legacy endures.

Emeralds, often called the "Jewel of Kings," symbolize abundance, prosperity, and growth. Their captivating green hue has earned them revered status across various cultures. In Cleopatra's era, emeralds were considered sacred symbols of fertility and immortality, sourced from the famous Egyptian emerald mines called Cleopatra's Mines. Emeralds are believed to bring luck, transforming this piece from floral magnificence into a representation of lucky four-leaf clovers. A diamond and green tsavorite ring, featuring a similar motif, is available separately at the time of writing.

The necklace has an approximate length of 16 inches inside and a 2-inch drop at the front. It comprises diamonds totaling around 10.13 carats, estimated as G-H color with VVS to VS clarity, and approximately 15.94 emeralds known for their bright green hue and excellent clarity, with an estimated origin of Zambia. Crafted from 18K white and yellow gold, the necklace is signed by Ambrosi and hails from the 21st century.

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