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Alternating Emerald Diamond Articulated Bracelet

Alternating Emerald Diamond Articulated Bracelet

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This spectacular homage to the Jazz Age is made in the 21st century, circa 2020s, and features white diamonds in a stylized geometric pattern and punctuated with a sublime collection of saturated green emeralds. The deep, shimmery green of emeralds has been historically revered by all cultures since antiquity, and the adoration persists today. The Emerald Diamond Articulated Bracelet is crafted in 18K white gold set with 7 rectangular and square emerald-cut emeralds with an estimated total weight of 20.08 carats. The emeralds are accompanied by a report from Gemresearch Swisslab (GRS) stating that they are “vivid green” natural beryl type emeralds of Zambian origin with minor to insignificant clarity enhancement.

Zambian emeralds are known to be extremely high quality, often described as the finest deep-green color of any emerald on earth. Today, the African continent is second only to South America in production, with mines in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Nigeria. Each of these locales typically produces a certain color, size, and clarity. It is common for emeralds to be clarity enhanced like these featured stones, as most emeralds contain surface reaching features due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods. Indeed inclusions can be found in 99% of natural emeralds, and while clarity is important, these features are tolerated more in emeralds than virtually any other gem. Matching colored stones can be exceedingly difficult to achieve with the way their color varies. Despite only being one color, the green hues can vary depending on location of the mine as well as trace amounts of chromium or vanadium that colors the stones. The way the greens all coalesce in this bracelet makes this collection of emeralds all the more resplendent.

The emeralds are each set with white gold talon prongs at the corners and accentuated on top and bottom with four smaller emerald-cut white diamonds which angle away, creating a demi-arc that cascades like a waterfall. This arc is repeated as a secondary motif, comprised of four emerald cut diamonds, flanked on either side with emerald-cut diamond pairs. While the emerald-cut emeralds change in size and shape throughout the length of the bracelet, the emerald-cut diamonds remain consistent, creating a rhythmic and eloquent backdrop, so to speak, although they certainly are not less important, to fully enjoy the colored stones. Ninety-two emerald-cut white diamonds are consistently oriented lengthwise throughout the length of the articulated bracelet, accented with button prongs at the corners and weigh an estimated total of 15.11 carats. The mathematically elegant pattern is consistent down to the push clasp. Every detail makes this piece a collectable worthy of being passed down for generations.

Measures approx. 7" in length. 7 Zambian emeralds weighing approx. 20.08 carats total, insignificant to minor, accompanied with GRS report. 92 white emerald-cut diamonds weighing approx. 15.11 carats total. Overall weight approx. 31.70 grams, made in 18k white gold. Circa 2020s.

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